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The Simpler, Safer way to Collect Payments in Church

As churches cater to their members, one area of particular importance is giving, especially when it comes to Tithes, offerings and other church donations. CHURCH by NetPlusPay is a means for your congregation to pay tithes online.

The Multicurrency was specifically designed to cater for all forms of church donations from various part of the world. As recent surveys show, online giving trends continue to rise and churches need to offer a means to allow their congregations to pay online, with a dedicated page created specifically for your church, accounting and reconciliation has never been easier than this.

Connects Churches with their Members

Do it yourself

Are you the Pastor or a worker in Church? Church by NetPlusPay can be created by anybody in 60 seconds or less.

You don’t need to be a developer or have a background in coding.

Dedicated Page for your Church

A dedicated page is created for you upon registration.

Payment done on your dedicated page is made directly into your preferred account. No confusion. No mix-up.

Comprehensive Backend for Reconciliation

Collecting payment is not enough, we provide a robust backend for your Church.

Accounting and reconciliation becomes very easy with our comprehensive backend.

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